The Honeymoon Series

Honeymoon Preparation
For your mind, body, and soul

The Honeymoon Preparation Series is several posts inspired by the wonderful ladies at CathSorority. A collection of stories, practical tips, and awesome advice that your mother is too embarrassed to give you!

Part 1- For Virgins
Par 2- For Virgins (Especially Men)
Part 3- Secondary Chastity
Part 4- When One is a Virgin and the Other is Not
Part 5- For Those Struggling with Purity
Part 6- For Men
Part 7- For Those Healing from Sexual Assault and Rape
Part 8- For Those Fearing the Marital Act
Part 9- NFP on Your Wedding Night
Part 10- How to be Good at NFP
Part 11- Can We?

4 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Series

  1. Anything on when two people (or one) are (is) virgins but one or both were users of porn? Porn does affect ability to love and be loved, sexually pleased and to sexually please. BIG topic. VERY important. Thank you:)

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