The Honeymoon Series

Honeymoon Preparation
For your mind, body, and soul

The Honeymoon Preparation Series is several posts inspired by the wonderful ladies at CathSorority. A collection of stories, practical tips, and awesome advice that your mother is too embarrassed to give you!

Part 1- For Virgins
Par 2- For Virgins (Especially Men)
Part 3- Secondary Chastity
Part 4- When One is a Virgin and the Other is Not
Part 5- For Those Struggling with Purity
Part 6- For Men
Part 7- For Those Healing from Sexual Assault and Rape
Part 8- For Those Fearing the Marital Act
Part 9- NFP on Your Wedding Night
Part 10- How to be Good at NFP
Part 11- Can We?

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