Can Catholics Use Sex Toys?

Every so often Kate and I get a question about sex toys.

If you’re wondering whether it’s OK for Catholics to use them:

  • There’s nothing wrong with them in the context of married intercourse, BUT
  • A mechanical toy is no substitute for your spouse, AND
  • Don’t support your local “adult video store”.

As for the details, neither Kate nor I really wanted to write a post about how to best use sex toys in your marriage. We both decided that the details of sex toys were best filed under “Love, and do what you will.” along with “Google is your friend.”

But we know that many of you still have questions about sex toys.

Fortunately, Mrs. Chastity at Catholic Sex has a very Catholic and very frank answer for those of you who are wondering about such things.

Sex toys . . . are NOT discussed by most Christians, let alone Catholics. Do a search on Catholic Answers for ‘vibrator’ and what do you get? Zero results! But the reason is probably that the Church hasn’t released a document on it; there isn’t an Apostolic Letter on the Use of Sex Toys in the Americas and there isn’t going to be any time soon (thank goodness, it was enough when then-Karol Wojtyla wrote about mutual orgasm).

You can read the rest of the discussion about sex toys and ways of achieving orgasm at Mrs. Chastity’s blog. (Warning: Explicit content and frank discussions of sexuality.)


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